Saving and investing greatly affects our future and what we can afford for ourselves and others. Without understanding this subject, much of what goes on in the world just passes us by, and we will not have the necessary knowledge to achieve our saving and investing dreams!

The book is part of a larger multi-media financial literacy initiative:

This subject is not about greed, short-cuts, opinions or speculation – but about being informed, and rewarded for participating in our financial system in order to provide better lives for ourselves and others.

Not understanding saving and investing means not evaluating investment options, missed opportunities, and often ultimately very serious financial problems. Further problems can include:

  • Poor investment choices;
  • Not understanding investment choices;
  • Not saving because of a lack of confidence;
  • Not making use of government saving incentives that allow taxes to be saved;
  • Not enough money at retirement;
  • Too much debt;
  • Not understanding what is happening in the economy and the financial world around us.

On the other hand, by understanding and acting through proper saving and investing principles, financial freedom is a very real and possible outcome for many of us.

Despite the importance of money, saving, investing and financial markets, most of us are never taught about these things. 

The beauty of this subject is that it is straightforward and that anyone can learn about it - but we need to get the complete picture once. Fortunately this complete picture is not that big - the fundamental principles, the words used, the processes, and the roles of different participants are all fairly constant and to a very large extent based on very understandable and logical considerations.

'Saving and Investing' is a comprehensive, fundamental and easy-to-understand book, It provides what I think is the most complete and fundamental guide on this subject. It has had some great reviews; it was also a finalist in the 2005 ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards. The fact that it has been written by an investment professional who has worked at a very high level in this field is also a noteworthy strength.